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August 28th, 2008 3:00 pm
New Livejournal [
I'm bored of this livejournal and figured it's time for a new one as college begins. Maybe I'll update now more and actually use it.


Pistrix = shark in Latin. :)
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July 3rd, 2008 9:41 am
Now! [
I haven't been feeling too wonderful lately. I've been waking up at seven or earlier pretty much everyday and either lounging in bed not sleeping until I feel like getting up or getting up and doing nothing until I work at four. And then I stay up too late on the computer. So I'm tired and also allergic to the air and my cat.

In other news - we finished the ride! Andy, Skye, and I did a fabulous job, if I may say so myself. The last 15 miles, I was struggling to keep up with those two clowns. Surprise. It took us a grand total of about 14 hours to ride 150 miles over the two days, including all the rest stops and lunches. Legs are all recovered. It's great.

Work is good, too. The photo lab supervisor was fired - good because she never did anything. So she got demoted and didn't improve, so she got fired. Meaning I'm going to be getting many more hours - very good. Next week I have 25 hours scheduled, and I get called in all the time. Very excited.

I can't wait until college... Seriously cannot wait. Ah! So pumped! I wish Tufts was ahead of all this stuff. They never send us stuff. Still waiting to see if I got into the Tufts Wilderness Pre-orientation program. Also waiting to see what the campus-wide summer reading book is. Roommate info comes out pretty much right before we get to school, same with dorm info.

Love, love, love. Dan's good. Chris and Gina are dating - it's cute. He made her a mix CD. Soccer's over. Bummer. I'm still talking, not sure why.
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June 26th, 2008 11:32 pm
Sneaking Up. [
A lot of things have been sneaking up on me lately. I still procrastinate as much as I did when I was in school. I still start things that I know I won't finish. I'm trying to get organized but getting less organized in the process. As much as I say I need to get on this, it never, ever happens.

I just spent like half my savings on stuff. Brand spanking new digital camera ($700+ gone), external hard drive and laptop accessories ($200 gone), concerts, outings, everything and anything I feel like. Paychecks are deposited and basically immediately spent. It's pretty bad, but I've been saving so long. I'm treating myself now. The stuff I bought will last, and the times I had certainly will, too.

The MS 150 is this weekend. Two days of intense riding. 75 miles a day... I seriously hope to god we make it through. I feel so good about it. I hope my legs and lungs feel the same way on Saturday and Sunday. Early mornings and long days. But the sense of accomplishment will be worth all the effort. If I can push myself to do this, I'm really not afraid for anything else.

I have been poring over course selections lately, even though we don't get to decide until we get on campus in late August. I think I've decided. Honors Calculus I-II and General Chemistry I (both require AP background), Introduction to Photography and Introduction to Psychology. Then I'll have one more course to pick up, which I'll think about after AP scores come back.

I think I take myself too seriously sometimes. That's why I want to start off college with an art class. Something I enjoy, something I want to learn, but something that isn't really in the pre-med curriculum. I have this great opportunity to mess around with my interests, to actually do whatever I want! And part of me wants to plan out my four years of college right now... the other part, the bigger part, will take it step by step, enjoy it as much as possible and take it as it comes.

Actually, I'm sure I take myself too seriously.

Things are really good. Maybe they're not, but I'm pretty sure they are great.
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June 15th, 2008 11:54 am
Wow! [
Nobody reads Livejournals anymore, but I figured I would update anyway.

I'm going to Tufts in the fall - GO JUMBOS! I am super, super excited. I pretty much won't shut up about the place. Whenever I get emails or letters, I just get ecstatic.

Anyway. On a different note, I work at CVS now. I work A LOT. It's good because I'm making money, but it's definitely tiresome after a while. I haven't been babysitting that much. One day a week basically.

Skye, Andy, and I are doing the MS 150 Bike Challenge in about two weeks! I'm excited but very nervous. I think we'll be able to complete it, but at the same time, I'm a little worried.

Next week on MONDAY, JUNE 23 from 5 to 8 PM we are holding a FUNdraising night at Friendly's in Norwood on Route 1. All you have to do is go, eat, and we get money! There will be raffles, and it just will be a great evening. Please, if you can, make it and bring as many people as you can. :)

That's it. If you read this and cannot make it to the Fundraising Night but still want to donate, my page is:


:) I hope to see a lot of familiar faces at the Fundraising Night. There will be donation tins there, too. All donations are tax-deductible.
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March 20th, 2008 3:10 pm
College. [
It's not even April, and the college stuff is getting super intense and super exciting.

I was rejected from MIT. Yes, I'm disappointed. I could have worked harder in high school or had a more personal list of extracurriculars. I could have spent a longer time on my application or visited the campus frequently or spent my weekends learning a new language or moving to India to have a better shot at getting in. Sorry that I couldn't single-handedly rid the world of hunger or poverty or cure cancer. I will thrive somewhere else (I'll have to), and it will be okay. The kids who got into MIT are very lucky and will have many fantastic opportunities, so I hope they appreciate them in the way I would have.

However, the world is still good for me. I got into my "safety" schools back in December, and within the past week, I got into two more schools. They're not my favorites, mostly because they're in upstate New York, but I am still excited. Here's what I've got.

Mass. College of Pharmacy - Presidential Scholarship ($12 K) + Fed. Stafford Loan ($3,500) = $15,500
- Premedical Program

Northeastern University - Dean's Scholarship ($14 K) + Fed. Stafford Loan ($3,500) = $17,500
- Behavioral Neuroscience
- Honors Program

Union College - Presidential Scholarship ($16,462) + Fed. Stafford Loan ($3,500) + Fed. Work-Study ($1,800)
- Eligible for the Converging Technologies Scholars Program ($5,000-$7,000 scholarship, research, etc.)
= $21,762-$28,762

University of Rochester - Rush Rhees Scholarship ($12 K) + Rochester National Grant ($3,600) + Fed. Stafford Loan ($3,500) = $19,100
- Eligible for a Rochester Portable Research Grant ($3,000 towards any sort of research, learning, internship, service, travel, etc. after freshman year but before graduation)

So those are my options right now. Four more colleges to hear from. More decisions to make. I think Rochester's at the top at the moment for where I got in... but so much money from Union! Ah. We'll see.
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January 1st, 2008 5:29 pm
Another Year [
Insert some intro text here...

2007Collapse )

I'll finish this later.
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December 16th, 2007 8:06 pm
Disappointment, Anticipation, Hope. [
[ mood | calm ]

Dear Charlotte,

We have completed our Early Action review of your application and have chosen to defer it to our Regular Action review time. Please know that the Admissions Committee is very conservative in its early offers of admission, and the majority of students who apply in Early Action are deferred. In previous years, up to several hundred of them have subsequently been admitted in Regular Action.

Please remember to ask your Guidance Counselor to complete your Mid-year Grade Report Form (a copy can be found in your application booklet or on our web site). You will hear from us again in late March after further review of your application.

We hope that you have a healthy and safe holiday season, and best wishes for a happy new year.


Stuart Schmill
Interim Dean of Admissions
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It's okay, though. For the past few weeks I've talked myself into knowing I would get deferred. Majority of kids get deferred, I probably didn't stand out enough to be accepted early, but I'll probably get in later after I send supplemental essays/letters/whatever. Part of me thinks I wasn't quirky enough to get in early. I'm not an international student, I don't fill any quotas, there are so many Boston-area kids who apply, I don't build things, I don't destroy things, I didn't participate in any research... I'm just a teenager, not some outstanding model of eccentricity.

Mass. College of Pharmacy, on the other side of the river, wants me, though. It's my safety school, so I wasn't surprised when I got in. I'm not super excited because I reallllly want to go somewhere else. I visited MCPHS and would probably not go because it's one building, like Ursuline. I don't know how well I would deal with that again. Hopefully I won't have to. The exciting thing about MCPHS is that they offered me a Presidential Scholar Award, which is $12,000 a year, which is half-tuition (not including room and board).

And Northeastern lets me know soon, hopefully within a few days.

There are plenty of things I could discuss right now, but I'm pretty much going to leave it at that. College is stressing everybody out. Rejections, deferrals, even acceptances can be stressful. I think at the moment, it's a good idea for us all to just kind of mellow out. Yes, it's a big decision, determining where we spend four years (give or take) of our lives. But it'll be okay. If you made it through Ursuline (and you haven't been totally brainwashed), you'll always be alright.

Sometimes you can try your hardest and get no reward, but in the end I think it'll pay off. Besides, Christmas is coming!

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October 31st, 2007 11:28 pm
I just submitted my MIT application. My essay was not great, but it was honest. I did not try anything fancy or write anything creative or do any of that. I wrote about myself, and if that's not good enough, oh, well.

nottobecliche: and if mit doesnt want me because i didnt write a tremendous essay, fuck them

I didn't get that sense of great relief, though, when I pressed 'Submit'. Now I'm just nervous they'll say no. I think I should just let it go and not think about it. Somewhere will take me.
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October 23rd, 2007 6:33 pm
I'm behind in a bunch of classes. Mrs. Earls seriously hates me. I need extra credit in religion and need so badly to get a good grade on something in English. My grades aren't even terrible... they're just not good. She shot me down again today in AP. I gave my interpretation of a poem we read, she looked at me like I was stupid. Handed in my paper... I tried really hard, and it probably sucked. What can I do. I'm getting frustrated in that class because I never see the point of overanalyzing a poem that was crap anyway. And on top of that, she pisses me off in regular English because she spells out the word coincidence for us and asks us if we know what escalate means. We are seniors in high school. Give me a break.

Anyway, I want to dress up my little sister as something that Dan suggested, but I doubt it's going to get approved by Mrs. Lytle. I'm going to try my hardest, though. I guess that's next week... hard to care about Freshman Initiation when my top choice college's application is due that day.

I wish I could just make lists when I write these journal entries instead of rambling so much. There is so much stuff that has been pissing me off, yet at the same time, there are definitely a lot of good things. I got chosen to audition in NYC late November for Jeopardy... cool! It was a lottery thing based on an online test, but still. Pretty sweet! Mrs. Leonard laughs at my super lame calculus jokes. Awesome. Dan's really great, even if I complain about how he and I fight over milk or Powderpuff or how he won't stop talking about Harvard. Well, I won't shut up about a lot of things, too. Love and learn.

Union College came to my school the other day, and the meeting went really well. It's definitely a great school, and I know I would thrive there. It's still not a top choice for me just because I love the city so much. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit there at some point if I do get in. Tomorrow evening, I have an interview with an alumna in Medfield, but I'm really not worried about it.

Let's see. I covered all the basics - Mrs. Earls hates me, I'm nervous about college, MIT application due next week, Jeopardy, more college, still nervous... Dan loves me, and honestly, it makes me feel better about everything. I don't care if it's pathetic or stupid, I love it that he loves me, and I feel better about being a shitbag sometimes because he's still here for me even if I screw up.
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October 14th, 2007 9:24 am
Long Time, No See [
So, there are two things I can write my college essay about. I don't want to write both and send both into the same school (for the ones that let you send in more than one or want you to) because they're kind of similar.

1) My father's illness, how it's affected our home, my life, etc.

If I write this one, I'll be integrating a quote from Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius that says something like, "It's a kid's best dream and worst nightmare to think about your parents being sick or dying, but every kid thinks about it." (Obviously he words it much better than I did, but that's the jist.) Anyway, hopefully it would make me stand out?

2) Communities defining my life - school, home, and friends.

This one's a little broad in terms of what I could actually say. I know I would talk about school being an escape from the shit going on at home. The wonderful atmosphere at school. How close we are to some of the teachers - how we joke with them and sometimes stay after school to hang out with them. I could talk about how close and healthy I feel that our group of friends is. How we got so excited when Mrs. Hyatt was pregnant. How we sit around and play board games and drink a ton of soda. How we enjoy spending time together dressing up as clowns, scaring little kids. And in terms of home, I could just talk about how some things constantly never change - my dad being ill and my mother taking care of him - but I could talk about how I've discovered that our attitudes at home influence how everyone else's day will go. Too big of a topic? Should I pick just one area and stick with it? I want it to have a point - not just be a tangent about the three places I am. I could switch it up completely and contrast the school community with my work community at Friendly's. Or my friends with Friendly's? Does anyone have any ideas for this?

Anyway, I finalized my college list, gave in all the letters, envelopes, and information for recommendations, transcript sending, and mid-year grade reports. Mrs. Petti and Mrs. Leonard are writing my normal recommendations for all of my schools. For the ones that only require one and are my top choices, I'm sending in Mrs. Petti's. For the more science focused schools that are my safeties, Mrs. Leonard's writing those singularly. Then, Boston University's Accelerated Medical Program wants three specified recommendations, so Mrs. Petti, Mrs. McFarland, and Mrs. Fleck are writing those ones. I really hope that those come out well. If I don't get into the program at BU, I don't get into the college.

So, here's my list, and I organized it by top choices for once. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have changed my mind about the choice listing.

1. Boston University (Accelerated Medical Program)
2. MIT
3. Johns Hopkins University
4. Tufts University
5. Harvard College
6. Union College
7. Northeastern University
8. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

And I'm majoring in neuroscience/cognitive science (depends on school) and if available, my double major or minor will be classics.

Basically, there's nothing else I want to say. This week's been full of ups and downs. Tuesday I came home and ate a whole box of DoubleStuf Oreos. Wednesday I went to bed right after school, got up to not eat dinner, and went to bed again until morning. But then Thursday night, I went to work and Dan's family visited me, and I felt so freaking good that I couldn't sleep - I didn't want to! At that point, life was really good for me, I guess. Friday, soccer. Saturday, a shift that was far too long for me, but then Haunted Train Ride! As soon as I get a picture of me as a clown, I'll post it. That was so much fun. We went back to Skye's and had a nice time. Today, I need to:

1. Write my college essay (to hand in for English class)
2. Do my homework
3. Rough draft of AP English essay on The Sun Also Rises
4. Catch up with Return of the Native
5. Read Book I of The Pillar of Iron
6. Study for Religion test???

And I have soccer, Dan coming over at some point, and Regina Spektor later!!!
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